New Melee Combat Sounds 1.0

New Melee Combat Sounds 1.0

I have always thought the melee combat in GTA V was so quiet and boring. Games such as Sleeping Dogs for example, have a much more better audio system for combat. It’s just oddly satisfying to do flying kicks and punches on dudes in that game XD! So now with a little editing with the Audacity tool, I have been able to make the punching and kicking audio’s sound more impactful! I took sounds from gameplay of Sleeping Dogs and Mafia 2 in order to create these sounds for GTA V! Hope you enjoy this mod as much as I am! I couldn’t find any other melee sound overhauls on this site. So, I decided to make this and upload it here for you all to enjoy!

Check out the video attached to this mod description with the screenshots for an idea of how it sounds!

Installation Instructions included in the archive
OIV installer and uninstaller provided in the archive once downloaded!



Download mod

File File size
zip New Melee Combat Sounds v1.0 3 MB

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