Online cars spawn naturally in traffic V0.1

Online cars spawn naturally in traffic V0.1

This mod allows online cars to spawn naturally in traffic accordingly to their nature (off-road cars spawn in the desert, expensive cars spawn in downtown, etc….).

Please note: this modification was handmade, meaning every car added in each section was added one at a time, this includes all types of cars (not motorbikes yet) until Online version 1.58 as it was the time this mod was created . If this mod gets some attention and requests, I will gladly update it.

Bugs and features: After a cold start of the game, it can take a couple of seconds to see appearing the new cars, just drive around the block and they will show up in no time.

You need OpenIV for this, copy popgroups.ymt found in the archive to your Grand Theft Auto V > mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 directory, and replace the original file (it goes without saying that you should keep an original unedited file before replacing it).

Some online cars will spawn with the same color (mostly black), this is due to Rockstar configuring those cars in only one color as they are not supposed to be spawned around the city (you can only buy them). For me, I fixed this issue by editing some extra files buried into some folders and such. It can be tricky to upload the said files and guide users throughout a lengthy installation. But if it is requested, we’ll make it happen through an OIV installation or something.

The archive contains a file in which there is a list of the cars added and their category.



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zip 1.58 online_cars_spawn 89 KB

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