Salsa’s Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul 4.4v

Salsa's Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul 4.4v

Special thanks to GJ19964 (aka aliengamer), HZDRT (aka Whit3D), and Bass dragon for helping me in this mod

This mod brings gta v euphoria as close as gta iv’s euphoria!

q: can i install your mod and another euphoria mod in top of it
a:you can but it will overwrite my mod so install only one

q:my game is crashing everytime even with 4.3.2v
a:install it with a fresh mod folder, no mods installed in the mods folder. if you already done that and its still crashing i dont know what else to do.

-Enhanced ragdoll balancing when shot and when pushed by a car
-Ragdolls will balance when pushed by a car in a small velocity
-Peds will react to wounds like they do in GTA IV
-Improved peds reaction to gunshot wounds
-Ragdolls will swing their arms around when on fire and will balance/stagger until they fall
-Peds will balance when shot with taser & have a chance to fall
-When peds die they will fall like in GTA IV
-Ragdoll’s reactions will depend on the weapon, if its a revolver they will struggle to balance, if its a sniper rifle they will stagget and will not be able to mantain balance due to the force and damage that the sniper rifle causes, if its a pistol, assault rifle and smg, they will balance just fine.
-Falling reactions are enhanced
-You will roll alot more and ragdolls will be way less stiff when rolling like they do in GTA 4
-Shotguns will not send the ped flying when shot. instead the shotgun’s force is reduced.

known bugs:
game can crash in the startup if you have a mod thats interfering with it. but there is solution to this, which is to delete the mods folder and install my mod first and then install all your other mods one by one.

how to install:
1 -install openiv if you dont have it already
2 -extract the 2 oiv files from the mod you downloaded
3 -click on package installator
4 -install both of them

reccomended mods:
Don’t Writhe – peds wont writhe when shot to the ground
PED / NPC Health Mod -more health to peds
these 2 mods above this line are not mine


Salsa (aka pinchamadre), aliengamer, hzdrt and bassdragon

Download mod

File File size
rar SERO 4.4v 2 MB

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