FlEkSuS’s Euphoria Ragdoll Mod (F.E.R.M.) V1.0

FlEkSuS's Euphoria Ragdoll Mod (F.E.R.M.) V1.0

Mod adds to your game realistic fall.

You need to install: OpenIV, WinRar
Instalation: Unarchive FERM.rar, enter to folder Automatic Install and open AUTOMATIC INSTALL.oiv, then install and done!
For manual install: Open the program OpenIV.exe, in openiv select GTA V PC, then enter in edit mode and open all folders in manual install till you see physicstasks.ymt , and you can see in top your opened folders, then follow and progress through the folders in OpenIV and replace physicstasks.ymt with physicstasks.ymt which in modification and done!

Known bugs: personage dont moves his arms and legs, personage is rotating his arms too much.


FlEkSuS & SyntheticOutlaw
Special thanks to SyntheticOutlaw for help with mod! (W.E.R.O. Creator)

Download mod

File File size
rar FERM (FlEkSuS Euphoria Ragdoll Mod) 97 KB

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