2k Gang Kevlar Vests [MP / FiveM / SP] 1.1

2k Gang Kevlar Vests [MP / FiveM / SP] 1.1

Here’s a set of gang themed, 2k textures for the Kevlar Vests I’ve put together!
[Open images in a new tab for a closer look]

– Bloods
– Crips
– Vagos
– Ballas
– Families
– Cartel
– Biker
– OGs / Orange

In this file:
– MP replace folder
– Texture PNGs folder
– README instructions

– Open “OpenIV“, click Edit button and press OK
– Go to \mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds mp.rpf\mp m freemode 01
– Scroll down and and open each task diff 001 uni.ytd and replace with PNG’s provided.
[You can replace images of task diff uni 001 through 009 that correspond to larger vest to fit bulkier outfits]

[You will need a FiveM/Cfx.re membership through their Patreon to stream custom clothing/textures for FiveM]
– Open “OpenIV” and search “mp m freemode 01”. Open searched folder and look for task 001, [Thin] task 006,[Thick] or task 002,[Thicker]. Extract one of these .ydd’s and add it to the MP folder provided. Rename .ydd to: “mp m freemode 01 mp m smuggler 01 accs 009 u.ydd” [It will be included in README.]
– Import PNGs into ytd files of your choosing
– You can also import PNGs into the female versions of vests
[There are wider models of vests/.ydd’s that fit around bulkier clothing, such as hoodies. The pngs/.ytd’s will also work with the larger vest models.]



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