Batman Noel W/Cloth Happy Batman Day!!! [Add-On Ped]

Batman Noel W/Cloth Happy Batman Day!!! [Add-On Ped]

this is batman day so I decided to give something i was planning to put on Patreon away here for free!!, i have been blown away for the recent “The Batman” trailer, that I’ve remade some shots into gta but not with Robert Pattinson batman so that’s why the shots but I can’t leave you guys here on batman day without hoping to hear anything about it…. having a clue? let’s play a game just me and you…. any of this mean anything to you?….


download and install addon peds follow everything from there and install the same way for the peds you want to add.

Bugs and features:

nothing that I have seen, worked really hard on it.


as always to my mentor and teacher and friend the fuumasage, big thanks for teaching me how to model, and to make cloth!! and to the Darth knight for giving me a push to make more and more stuff, which will be coming soon…. maybe even today or tomorrow….

Download mod

File File size
rar Batman Noel 26 MB

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