Batman: The Arkham Collection W/Cloth For Julio’s Batman Script (Addon-Peds). 2.1

Batman: The Arkham Collection W/Cloth For Julio's Batman Script (Addon-Peds). 2.0

hey everyone! im here with another upload!!!! ever since i started ped making and fuumasage can back me up I’ve been wanting to have ALL the batman Arkham suits with cloth! i took my time because i had that small hope we will get a batman script…… AND BOOM the master of scripts himself JulioNIB has MADE IT!!!! i was in the skys! when i heard of it and ive been supporting julio ever since until now!!! i LOVE THAT SCRIPT its more then i ever thought we will get, and i just can express how happy im to have alongside it all the Arkham suits. the Arkham games are legendary!!!! and i just love ALL OF THEM.
That’s why I’m happy to be the first to share all of them with you in the best quality I could have made them THEY EVEN HAVE FACE RIG!!!!!.

Bugs and features:
zero bugs thanks to the fuumasage WE DONT HAVE BUGS ANYMORE!!!!(unless I missed something while fixing it :3).

Summary of installation instructions:
download and install addon-Peds- addonpeds

follow the instructions and videos from there, and do the same thing for any ped you want to install.

for the batman abilities, i recommend getting it on julio’s Patreon so you will have everything unlocked! right here-

if you cant afford it you can grab the free one here- Batman script



huge credit to The Darth Knight for being THE best friend i could ask for, you have no idea how many stuff i can do now thanks to him so thank you 🙂

and of course to the guy who made it all possible the fuumasage! for teaching me the way! without him NON OF THAT would be here. and i would never meet Darth and a lot others i met throw the years of ped making, so thank you fuuma for everything! :).

Download mod

FileFile size
rar The Arkham Collection1.0109 MB

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