Bowler Hat and Apple: René Magritte’s “The Son of Man” [Add-on] V1.0

Bowler Hat and Apple

Male and Female versions included

Listed under masks but should function in any clothing category if you rename the files appropriately.

The apple clips into your face, maintaining a seperation between subject and viewer, always obscuring your identity to the viewer, leaving them questioning who you are, and maybe who they are.

Installation Instructions:

To install this clothing for FiveM, you must use a tool like Plebmaster’s clothing tool, or any clothing add-on maker. Rename the file to whatever category you’d like (uppr, jbib, accs, etc) and generate an add-on clothing pack streamed through FiveM.

A more detailed guide on how to do that is here: FiveM Install Guide
For single player please see here: Singe Player Install Guide



Download mod

FileFile size
zip Thesonofman2 MB

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