René Magritte’s Pipe “The Treachery of Images” [Add-On] V1.0

René Magrittes Pipe

“This is not a pipe”

Male and Female versions included

Listed under decals but should function in any clothing category if you rename the files appropriately. It’s not a prop, and it’s also not a pipe.

I’m not a clothing designer, but I thought I’d release this to contribute to one of the sites that makes all the roleplay servers I’ve played and worked on possible.

Installation Instructions:

To install this clothing for FiveM, you must use a tool like Plebmaster’s clothing tool, or any sort of clothing add-on maker. Rename the file to whatever category you’d like (uppr, jbib, accs, etc) and generate an add-on clothing pack that is streamed through FiveM.

A more detailed guide on how to do that is here: FiveM Install Guide

For single player please see here: Singe Player Install Guide



Download mod

FileFile size
zip thisisnotapipe3 MB

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