Morpheus / Matrix Glasses [Add-On] V1.0

Matrix Glasses

Recreation of the morpheus’ glasses from the matrix. Seen a lot of round glasses, but nothing that has the glasses without the temple arms.

Male and Female versions included, these are FiveM ready.

Listed under shirts (accs) but should function in any clothing category if you rename the files appropriately.

Please note that these show up in your view in first person. This is to get around the issue of props falling off when punched on FiveM if you don’t run a resource to prevent that. You are are free to modify this file as you see fit if you want to conver it into a prop.

I’m not a clothing designer, but I thought I’d release this to contribute to one of the sites that makes all the roleplay servers I’ve played and worked on possible.

Installation Instructions:

To install this clothing for FiveM, you must use a tool like Plebmaster’s clothing tool, or any sort of clothing add-on maker. Rename the file to whatever category you’d like (uppr, jbib, accs, etc) and generate an add-on clothing pack that is streamed through FiveM.

A more detailed guide on how to do that is here: FiveM Install Guide

For single player please see here: Singe Player Install Guide



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