MP Female to Michael 2023 V2.0

MP Female to Michael 2023 V1.0

Please Note: More customization, clothes and textures will be added soon as an update.

Now you play as MP Female from the PROLOGUE mission all the way to 100% completion without any glitches. ūüėÄ
It is bugs free but if you do happen to stumble upon one, please let me know.

This mod is a simple conversion of my other mod (MP Female to Franklin & Trevor) with minor changes.

This mod will replace Michael with MP Female (FULL) so that you can play as MP Female in Storymode/Freemode, etc.

1. Make sure you have OpenIV.

2. Go into GTAV in OpenIV and down to mods/x64v.rpf

3. Navigate to models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf/ and make sure Edit Mode
is on.

4. Delete the player_zero folder and player_zero.yft & player_zero.ymt files
then drag and drop player_zero.yft into streamedpeds_players.rpf only.

5. Then navigate again to x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpedprops,rpf and delete the player_zero_p folder

6. Head back up and navigate to

7. Delete player_zero folder and player_zero.ymt files,
then drag and drop player_zero folder and player_zero.ymt files into mppatches.rpf

8. Head back up and navigate again to
update/x64/dlcpacks/mppatchesng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/mppatches_p.rpf and delete player_zero_p folder.

9. Head back up and navigate to

10. Delete the player_zero folder and player_zero.ymt files.

11. Head back up and navigate to

12. Delete the player_zero folder and player_zero.ymt files.

13.¬†That’s All! Enjoy and Have Fun!

This MOD will get further updates.



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7z MP Female To Michael 2023 396 MB
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