Russian Army Uniforms – Ratnik [MP Freemode] V3.0

Russian Army Uniforms - Ratnik 1.1

This mod is not a political statement nor does it glorify the current situation in Ukraine. This mod is simply intended for roleplaying purposes.

Most of the gear in this pack is gear from the ratnik program. Ratnik (Russian: Ратник; Warrior) is a Russian infantry combat system. It is designed to improve the connectivity and combat effectiveness of the Russian army. Improvements include modernized body armor, helmet with special monitor (eye monitor, thermal, night vision monocular, flashlight), systems of communication and special headphones.

This pack currently includes:

— Head —

– 6B26 Helmet
– 6B28 Helmet
– 6B47 Helmet + Variations
– Military Cap (with insignia)
– Military Berets
– Beanie Hat
– Tsh 4M Tanker Helmet
– Ushanka
– SSh68 Helmet
– PNV-10T NVG for 6B47 Helmet

– 6B34 Goggles
– 6B50 Goggles

— Clothes —

– Combat Shirt
– Combat Shirt + Military Police Epaulette
– Combat Jacket

– Combat Pants + Splav Kneepads
– Combat Pants + Round Kneepads
– Combat Pants + Leg Prosthetic

– Tactical Boots

— Armor —

– 6B43 Vest + 6Sh117 Load Bearing Rig
– 6B43 Vest + 6Sh117 Load Bearing Rig Loadout
– 6B23 Vest + Shmersh Chest Rig

— Accessories —

– 6Sh118 Backpack
– RPG-26 on a Sling

PMK-4 Gas Mask is available.

Desert and snow camo are currently WIP and will be released soon.

I used the mpClothes – Addon Clothing Slots mod by HeySlickThatsMe and would recommend it for the installation of this mod:

Install Headwear (except PNV-10T NVG !!) in:

Install Accessories, Armor and Clothes (except all of the pants) in:

Install pants in:

Install PNV-10T NVG in:


Screenshots – crunchycat
COD models and base textures – Infinity ward
Some of the models – BSG, MadIvan18

Download mod

FileFile size
rar Russian Army Pack 3.0767 MB

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