Stethoscope for MP Male/Female 1.0

Stethoscope for MP Male/Female 1.0

The default GTA stethoscope cuts off at the back of the neck, so here is an accessory that wraps all the way around. Fits over my lab coat. Comes in black, blue, and pink.

Available for both male & female.

Files are unlocked so feel free to edit as you need. I’ve also included .pdn and .psd files for the diffuse texture in an optional folder if you would like to edit/add more colors.

Installation for FiveM:
It is recommended to install as addon.

Installation for SP:
It is recommended to use the Add-On Mod by HeySlickThatsMe: mpClothes – Addon Clothing Slots
1. Paste mpclothes folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2. Open dlclist.meta in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
3. Add dlcpacks:/mpclothes/ entry
4. Add the files from THIS mod to the mpclothes folder, following the same naming conventions as in the example. If you already have teef (accessories) slots, make sure to edit the number of these files to not overwrite what you have.



Download mod

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