UK EUP Pack 2 OIV 1.1

UK EUP Pack 2 OIV 1.1

It is finally here, the UK EUP Pack 2 OIV!

This download actually includes the models, which makes life for you 10x easier.

With permission from Hanako and Marko, i have been able to create an OIV download version of the EUP Pack, which means installing it is a lot easier than doing it manually. Some textures arent included in his pack, so make sure to download the manual version for the full experience.

(i have full permission to use the models included, please check with the creators if you are interested)

This is a work in progress, and when i create new texutres, they will be added to this pack and the manual install.


tramter, hanako, marko

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rar UK EUP Pack 2 OIV 1.1 47 MB

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