Car Crash Simulator 1.0.1

Car Crash Simulator 1.0

Make your own NPC car crashes with this Car Crash Simulator mod! Easily set your own crash options like crash force and crash radius and generate your own car crashes near the player!

This mod might also be useful for content creators who like to make car crash compilations.


Generate NPC car crashes near your location.
Set crash radius. This way you can choose from 3 different sizes (small, medium and large). With small you have to be very close to another vehicle. The higher the radius, the more vehicles will crash!
Make cars horn. Set option if cars should use their horn when in a crash.
Auto-pilot function: very useful when creating videos and don’t want disturbing unnatural car movement of the player.


.NET Framework 4.8 and higher

Simply copy “Car Crash Simulator.dll” to your scripts folder located in your gta 5 main directory, together with the requirements.

Known Issues

Crash Force functionality doesn’t do anything yet in this Beta version.
Cars which didn’t collide will get on fire / heavy engine damage.
Sometimes crashes might look unnatural. Especially when cars are standing still.
Sometimes an idle car might ‘bounce’, ‘jump’ or ‘fly’ up towards the sky. This won’t happen when you generate a crash in good traffic flow.

Important: please read the included ReadMe document! It includes additional useful information for getting the perfect crashes and more beautiful crash effects! It also lists future improvements, and some good-to-know stuff before using the mod.


KaBee Gaming

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