Car Hacking (Remote Control) 1.0

Car Hacking (Remote Control) 1.0

Hack cars in GTA 5 just as you could in Watch Dogs. You are able to reverse/slow down cars, speed up cars, move parked cars forward and to change the steering angle of cars. Also useful for police chases when you want to lose the cops!

It is a bit based on my Car Crash Simulator mod, but rather with an option for single cars now.


You are able to select cars nearby to hack.
Move parked cars forward and change their steering angle.
Speed up driven cars.
Reverse / slow down cars. Useful when in a police chase to lose the cops!
Hack steering angle (experimental).


.NET Framework 4.8 or higher

Simply copy “Car Hacking.dll” to your scripts folder located in your gta 5 main directory.

Known Issues
– For some reason, steering angle hacking won’t work when the selected vehicle is in ‘fleeing mode’ or in ‘chasing mode’ (such as police vehicles in a police chase). I am not able to fix this. It works when vehicles drive normally.
– It might be that other hacking controls also won’t work when selected vehicle is in ‘fleeing mode’. I’m not sure about this.
– When a hacked car is driving backward, and you hit to speed up the car, it speeds up in the backward direction.
– Hacking does not work properly for large vehicles like large trucks. The marker isn’t always visible and sometimes hack actions won’t respond.

This mod isn’t suitable yet for non-numpad users, as the controls are used by numpad keys.


ModdingWithKelvin (KaBee Gaming)

Download mod

File File size
zip Car Hacking 6 KB

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