Fragile Engines 1.0

Fragile Engines 1.0

Some car tuner guy in Los Santos decided to chiptune all vehicles in the city. But he overruled the engine safety mechanisms, and now all engines are fragile!

The consequences of his action are huge. Now all engines of all vehicles in Los Santos are fragile that they can break at any moment, due to the chiptuning. But, no panic yet. You are able to fix an engine on your own by pulling over and checking and fixing your engine manually.

It’s quite understandable that it can be frustrating having to fix an engine everytime. Therefore, you can also choose to destroy an engine totally. You can destroy it by drilling with a jackhammer. This way, you could lose some of your frustration.


All vehicles engine are being chiptuned; they accelerate a bit faster.
Engine of your driven vehicle can break at any moment. You can still drive, but it will permanently damage your engine and you are not able to fix it if you don’t pull over.
Manually fix your broken engine, by pulling over and fixing it. You can then drive a little longer..
You can destroy your engine with a jackhammer. This can be useful when you are frustrated and want to lose some frustration.


.NET Framework 4.8+
Latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet

Simply copy “Fragile Engines.dll” to your scripts folder located in your gta 5 main directory.

The mod starts automatically, enabled by default. Just delete the mod if you don’t want it to be active.

Press E to fix your engine (when pulled over in time).
Press T to destroy your engine with a jackhammer (when pulled over in time).

Note: The time in which a car does break might need improvement based on your needs. I will add a configurable time soon. It might be the time is to long / short for your at this moment.


ModdingWithKelvin (KaBee Gaming)

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