CarHud and HeliHUD Modified [.LUA] 1.0

CarHud and HeliHUD Modified [.LUA] 1.0

This is a port of the (commonly known and referred to as “DoJ styled/themed”) car/vehicle HUD from FiveM to GTA Singleplayer using JM36 Lua Plugin.

Forked GitHub repo:

– JM36 Lua Plugin
– Function (Re)Mapper for JM36 Lua Plugin

1: Ensure you have JM36 Lua Plugin (GitHub)
2: Ensure you have Function (Re)Mapper for JM36 Lua Plugin (GitHub)
3: Put vehhud.lua into your JM36 Lua Plugin “ScriptsDir-Lua” scripts directory, along with the FunctionReMapper files if you don’t already have them.

FiveM specific things do not work nor function and have either been disabled/removed or hard-coded to always be a static value, such as what gear your vehicle is in.



Download mod

File File size
zip VehHUD-Release1-v1.9Port-LuaOnly 8 KB

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