Chaos Mod V1.11.5

Chaos Mod V 1.5

Chaos Mod V is an attempt to mimic the Chaos mods found on SA and VC.

Basically, every 30 seconds the game will trigger a random effect. This effect can be anything from giving you an RPG to exploding all nearby vehicles or making every nearby ped dance.

There are one-time and timed effects. One timed effects will run only once when the effect is started, while timed effects will run for 90 seconds (by default) after they’ve been started.

This makes gameplay significantly more surprising, as literally anything could happen every time an effect starts. Right now the mod features around 200 unique effects.

A spreadsheet containing all the existing effects can be found here.

The mod also comes with a simple configuration tool. You can toggle individual effects, change how often an effect should start, how long timed effects should run and you can also specify a specific random seed if that’s your thing.

Make sure you have the latest MSVC++ and .NET Redistributable and ScriptHookV installed!
Otherwise just drop everything ChaosMod.asi and the chaosmod folder itself (not the content!) in your GTA directory. Also make sure you run chaosmod/ChaosModVConfig.exe at least once (and look through its options to customize the mod to your liking!)


AB for providing ScriptHookV and the ScriptHookV SDK
UnknownModder for the updated natives.h

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