ZChaos – Alternative Chaos Mod for GTA V V23.05.09.1

ZChaos - Alternative Chaos Mod for GTA V

Tired of the old effects? Want to mix it up a bit? This fully customizable alternative chaos mod offers a fresh gameplay experience with almost 400 unique effects! Easy-to-use Twitch voting support included.
Just open the menu, configure the chaos settings to your liking, and get ready for a rollercoaster of different wild effects!

Tested and compatible with game version v2372, v2545 and v2699, requires ScriptHookV.
Compatibility with running other chaos mods simultaneously is not guaranteed, but the instability of that is part of the chaos.

Default controls:
F7 – open/close menu
Num5 – enter menu
Num0 – exit menu
Num2/8 – scroll
Num4/6 – adjust

A full list of effects and descriptions is being worked on and will be coming soon.

Customizable parameters:
Cooldown time between effects (default: 30 seconds)
Position of active effect display
Color pattern of the cooldown timer bar
Length of individual effects
Whether each individual effect is enabled (whether it’s in the random rotation)

Customizable parameters for Twitch voting:
Light/dark mode for votes display
Proportional or linear voting (Proportional: The vote ratios are used to calculate the chance of the effect triggering, Linear: The highest voted effect always gets triggered)
Change the vote command (votes can be with either 1 2 3 4 or c1 c2 c3 c4 in chat)
Write the votes display into an HTML file for use with OBS Browser Source or a separate window for Window Capture
Mark Unpicked Effects (Off: Only the effect that voting picks is then marked to no longer appear for a while, On: All 4 effects in the voting display are marked to no longer appear for a while)

Note: This mod is incompatible with ZMenuV (ZMenuV already has Chaos bundled with it)



2.5/5 - (2 votes)

Download mod

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zip ZChaosV_v23.05.09.1_5Mods33 MB

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