Collisions Detector V1.2

Collisions Detector V1.1

This script detects collisions in the world, and applies damage depending on impact force to all vehicle occupants.

Cops can crash and die during chases.

Damage to driver & passengers when two ped vehicles collide
Damage to driver & passengers when ped vehicles collide with anything/fall from height/roll over.
Damage to player & passengers when colliding with anything/falling from height/rolling over
Damage depends on force of impact
Force of impact is calculated using the speed difference between the moment of impact and after the impact

ASI Loader
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.1.0

Extract both files in to the scripts folder.
Use CollisionsDetector.ini to tweak damage multipliers



Download mod

File File size
rar CollisionsDetector 3 KB

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