Delivery Bag Mod 0.2

Delivery Bag Mod 0.2

Huge thanks to mcal9909 on helping me with this he was a MASSIVE help on this project.
Here is his Ls Mod if you wanna try it out for yourself it’s better than mine lmao.

Requires Script hook v and script
Requires Open Interiors
Also, you will need OnlineOpenInteriors
Maybe trainer V for the mp maps possibly

Now I would like to point out if you have a pirated game Then the mod will NOT work you must own the full game with its DLC pack content for the mod to even exist.

To Install place .dll and .pdb files in your scripts folder.
To start up the mod go to the blue briefcase on your map and when inside the building go to the yellow objective and press e to activate the mission. go to the insurgent or your own car then drive to the objective. once there take out the guards and find the bag of 15 grand, to 200,000 grand. once you pick up the bag you must take it to the buyer point and receive your reward. Now, remember the location for the duffel bag is the same in the 0.2.0 update so just refer back to the images if you need to find it or contact me on my discord server.



Download mod

File File size
rar Duffel Bag Mod Vers.0.2.0 13 KB

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