Dirty Money System 0.3

Dirty Money System 0.2

A dirty money system mandatory for my upcoming works that let you earn dirty money. With this you can convert gta money to dirty money (usefull if you want to convert illegal money earned with other mods) or store your dirty money where you want.
Once you opened the menu and chosen “Store Dirty Money” you are about to create a “storing point”. You can choose the storing point prop (duffle bag, money bag, money pack and big crate full of money) and his position, you can retrieve or add money or delete the storing point.
Also added two new prop, a grave and dirt, to bury your dirty money deep in the Paleto forest or in the cemetery.
Keys configurable via the ini file inside DirtyMoney folder
You can see the amount of dirty money you are carrying through the weapon wheel up to the left of the screen.
If you die, you lose all the dirty money that you were carrying.

put the dll the pdb and the folder in your script folder





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File File size
zip Dirty Money System - v0.3 25 KB

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