Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack (FDLC, LCPD and more) [Add-On | Liveries | Sounds | Custom Shards] v1.2.3

Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack (FDLC, LCPD and more) [Add-On | Liveries | Sounds | Custom Shards] v1.2.3

For most locals of Liberty City, a town entangled with crime, corruption and terrorism, a natural cataclysm such as a citywide storm was nothing but a mere obstacle to overcome in their daily life. But for the municipal services, it was a golden ticket to the much sought-after government payday. Billions of dollars later, the services were back in action. Paramedics being late to the scene, coppers dying like roaches and others doing trivial tasks nobody cares about – but this time in new shiny vehicles. Money well spent? Unlikely. Money well laundered? For the chosen few – you bet. Welcome to the jungle. Again.

Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack by Monkeypolice188
Almost 3 years in the making, Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack aims to bring a huge array of service vehicles of all kinds – LCPD, FDLC, LC Taxis, both new and old, to the world of Grand Theft Auto V. The pack includes over 60 individual vehicle models and numerous peds to enjoy.

## Quality of life ##
A huge amount of time and patience has been put into every single vehicle included in this pack, with both standard features you’d expect from Rockstar Games – LODs, dirt mapping and breakable glass, as well as much more. Many vehicles include an all-new custom siren and siren config setup developed by me, giving vehicles a huge variety of siren tones and functionality. As well as that, all emergency vehicles come with customized emergency lighting patterns to bring the best lighting effects possible, vehicle customization is available on a number of police vehicles bringing a wide range of fleet-ready upgrades, both visuals and performance, perfect for taking police vehicles the extra mile.

## Diversity ##
Every vehicle comes with a variety of spawn colours and livery variations to ensure a diverse range of possibility, as well as paintable interiors, custom sounds and police scanner entries to give every single vehicle its own personality.

## Audio ##
Ensuring vehicles sound the way they look and behave was a massively important step. With the introduction of rel to xml conversion using CodeWalker mid-way through the development of 1.2, creating custom sounds for vehicles is now one-step easier. A large number of vehicles in the pack have custom engine sound setups, giving each vehicle its own unique character. Picking the right siren tone was also important, using and replicating real-world siren tones to make every vehicle of every era believable and recognisable. Together with customised siren configurations, behavior between each tone is largely randomised and diverse.

## Handling ##
Handling and playability has been a huge focus with the pack too; ensuring that every vehicle feels responsive and is fun and easy to use. Some vehicles come outfit with weapons, and others have weapon upgrades, bringing other exciting ways of making takedowns, sustaining chase and breaking off pursuits.

Please view the “Spawn list” document included in the archive to find spawn names for all vehicles and peds.
Keep an eye out for more exciting additions to the FDLC and LCPD fleet with following updates to come!

– LODs.
– Dirt mapping.
– Breakable glass and glass shards.
– Rigging.
– Tuning.
– Liveries. (templates available here)
– Add-On sirens.
– Add-On engines.

1. Start OpenIV.
2. Navigate to the ‘mods’ folder or create it in the GTA V folder if you don’t have it.
3. Navigate to or create the file path “update\x64\dlcpacks” within the mods folder:
4. Copy the ‘lcpack’ folder found within the archive into the mods folder.
5. Navigate to ‘dlclist.xml’ in update\update.rpf\common\data\. Right click and select “move to mods folder”, or “show in mods folder” if you already have.
6. Add “dlcpacks:\lcpack\” to the bottom of the list within the dlclist.xml file.
7. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

As this mod contains a large amount of assets, you will need to install a modified gameconfig.xml file capable of running the pack. F7YO’s gameconfig.xml should be more than capable of running this pack.

It is not recommended to run this mod alongside other vehicle mods, to avoid the risk of potential model name, light, siren and modkit clashes. If you wish to install other mods alongside LC Pack, it is recommended to refer to the spreadsheet linked in the Support section for a comprehensive list of important IDs used in the pack.

This pack is compatible with WildBrick142’s Add-On License Plates mod.
If you do not have this mod, the pack will work without it.
The vehicles included are configured to be usable in popgroups.ymt and dispatch.meta. Again, changes to these files may require gameconfig.xml changes to ensure the game remains stable.


A full list of credits can be found in the readme.txt. A comprehensive spreadsheet of credits can also be found here.
– Rockstar Games – Many original assets, data and audio.
– Dexyfex and the CodeWalker Team – without them, sound editing, glass-shard editing and much, much more would not have been possible.

Disclaimers & More
– ## Liberty City Map ## – The Liberty City Vehicle & Ped Pack does not include the Liberty City map shown in promotional screenshots. The pack is released as a standalone, none-funded, zero-payment pack. If you paid for this pack, you did not obtain it from the original source. Please see Availability section for a list of all original sources.
– ## Legitimacy ## – Material used in this pack was obtained with appropriate permissions, and credited respectively. If you believe assets were used towards the making of this pack and you have not been credited, please do not hesitate to contact me.
– ## Guarantee ## – The pack does not guarantee a bug-free experience. On rare occasions, game instability and crashes may occur. The pack has been combed through thoroughly to ensure that these chances are kept to a minimum. If you believe you have found a particular cause for game crashes or instability, have found a bug that is not listed in the Bugs section already, or have found an issue with the pack’s compatibility (ensuring that compatibility is supported, see Compatibility section), please do not hesitate to contact me.

Download mod

File File size
rar lcpack 340 MB

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