Free Music V1.6.1

Free Music V1.5

This mod let you to Play any own music in the game (like a music player in the background). Support mp3 and wav.

Naudio.dll (Included in arhive)
NativeUI.dll (Included in arhive)

How to install
Simply drag the scripts folder into your GTA V directory OR drag the files from inside the scripts folder into your scripts folder if you already have one!

How to use
You can put music files (mp3 or wav) into FreeMusic folder in the scripts folder. Of course: you can edit FreeMusic.ini file to change the default musics path.
Notice: FreeMusic load all music files from all subdirectories.

F12: Menu

Ctrl + C: Reload music list (When your game is running and you have added new files to the Musics path.)
Top Plus button (+): Increase volume
Top Mines button (-): Decrease volume
Right Arrow: Play next music
Left Arrow: Play previous music
Ctrl + Top Plus button: Forwarding music position
Ctrl + Top Mines button: Backwarding music position
Ctrl + S: Stop Music

Key codes



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