MG-42 [Add-On / Replace] V3.1

MG-42 [Add-On / Replace] V3.1

Hud icon, but you need this mod*
Real-time deployable bipod*
You can buy it on ammu-nation (& mods)*
50 round can and 250 round ammo box
Finally fixed animation and normal maps bugs!
You can now replace the non_hi version
Accurate iron sights
Translated to German in honor of our German players 🙂
New recoil system (will now spread horizontal and vertical instead of only vertical like vanilla weapons)
Real life weapon statistics (like insane 1200 rpm) courtesy of Rippler*

More special thanks to:
EnergeticSheep for his MG 42 icon*

Assets: Red Orchestra 2 and Call of Duty: World at War

Replaces Combat MG

*For add-on MG 42

Info on how to install on readme included with file.

Found a fix for the add-on crash on start-up you NEED to download THIS TOOL



Download mod

File File size
rar RO2 MG-42[Add-on] 73 MB

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