Hack Money 1.0

Hack Money 1.0

Hack money from Life Invader, Premium Deluxe Motorsport, the observatory and Humane Labs. This will grant you anywhere from 25,000 upto 1.25million dollars.

How it works:
1. Simply goto a location found on the map.
2. Press ‘E’ to begin the hack.
3. Wait 5 seconds until you are notified.
4. profit!

How to install (once SHV and SHVDN are installed):
1. Locate your downloaded HackMoney.zip file.
2. Locate your GTAV root directory.
3. If not already there, create a folder named “scripts”.
4. Extract the .dll and .pdb files from the mod into your scripts folder.


Features to come:
– a hacking animation
– configurable money ranges
– configurable marker and blip settings
– more locations



Download mod

File File size
zip HackMoney 7 KB

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