IV Style knockdowns V1.3

IV Style knockdowns

I was tired of having to use gunshotwound 2 or more gore for this feature so I made it myself without anything else.
This mod disables the writhing feature and instead replaces it with a knockdown feature similar to the IV injured feature.
Once an enemy is defeated instead of dying they go into a knockdown state, after a timeframe they get back up.
There’s 2 customizable settings, the distance in which the mods work (less range, better performance, an addition most modders should consider adding to their mods.)
The time of knockdown (in milliseconds) 30 seconds by default, you can make it infinite by setting it to -1, peds will remain alive after their life depletes but they will not get up again.
I will not add no bleeding out feature or anything like that, just use more gore if that’s what you want.



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