Kyngz Customs Beta v1.5

Kyngz Customs 1.0

This mod offers the experience to buy the parts for the car
manually from a shop …
Adds animations when repairing the car, installing turbine,
changing transmission, etc.

– Download the archive .rar
– Extract KyngzCustoms.dll into your scripts folder !

ScriptHookV by AB Software Dev.
ScriptHookVDotNet by crosire
NativeUI by Guad
OpenAllInteriors by NewTheft

1. 2 Blips will appear on the map showing Kyngz Customs
and the Parts Shop !
2. Go to Kyngz Customs with your last used vehicle and
press E to bring your car inside !
3. You can modify your car at Kyngz Customs with specific
things like buying a Turbine from Parts Shop and installing
it on your car ..
4.Repairing the car is for free !
5. Press key O to see your inventory !



Download mod

File File size
rar KyngzCustoms 56 KB

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