Little Jacob Weapons Mod 2.1.2

Little Jacob Weapons Mod 0.1

Little Jacob is in LS and he is ready to sell you some weapons. You can buy any DLC weapon from him, and even normal weapons too if you don’t feel like going to ammunation.

Not only you can buy weapons, you can apply all the modifications available in the game, tints, scopes, camos, and more!

Also, this mod makes sure you don’t lose any of the DLC weapons you bought by keeping your ladout data in a savefile made by the script. So you can close the game and not worry about losing your weapons!

About non main character peds
The mod does support saving ladouts for peds that aren’t main character (Franklin, Michael or Trevor), the thing is, that the weapons cost money and non main character peds can’t use players money, thus, they can’t buy stuff. So, if you find a way to spend money as a non main character ped, you will be able to save their ladouts too 😀

Important note
This is an early access version, the mod is mostly functional, but there are weapons yet to be added. It’s mostly normal weapons you can find in ammunation tho, almost all the DLC weapons are there, maybe one or two are missing.


Latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet
Latest version of ScriptHookV
Latest version of LemonUI
Latest version of iFruitAddon2

Place LittleJacobMod.dll and LittleJacobMod.ini in your scripts folder

Mouse and Keyboard:
Press E (This can be changed in the ini file) when you’re near Little Jacob’s car trunk
Press DPadLeft when you’re near Little Jacob’s car trunk

How to start
Open your phone, search for Little Jacob in your phone contacts, he is probably at the bottom of the list. After you call him he will appear in the map with a green letter L icon



Download mod

File File size
rar LittleJacobMod_v2.1.2 939 KB

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