Los Santos RED Alpha V0.998

Los Santos RED Alpha 0.1

> Keeps the action going in the world of Grand Theft Auto

> Installation
– Place all RAGE Plugin Hook files in the root GTA V directory
– Place all RAGENativeUI files in the root GTA V directory
– Download the latest release and drag into the Plugins folder in the root GTA V directory

– Alternate RPH Downloads
LCPDFR Mod (do not install the lcpdfr folder or the content from the plugins folder)

> Features
– Enhanced Free Roam Mode
– Dispatch
– Dynamic difficulty
– Script based
– Create custom agencies
– Set their patrolling and responding areas
– Set their weapons and vehicles
– Set the max threat they respond to
– Redone police scanner audio

– Busted/Wasted Choose Your Start
– Added “undie” after death to call a mulligan and continue the chase
– Added bribing of police
– Added surrendering to police
– Added ability to chose jail/hospital to respawn at

– Tasking
– Police and civilians are more reactive
– Police react more realistically to escalation
– Civilians react with fight or flight response instead of ignoring you
– Added ability to be busted at greater than 1 star
– Cops will now give foot chase and use tazers

– Crimes
– Added/Tweaked vanilla crimes
– Added other common crimes
– Added traffic offenses
– Felony speeding, reckless driving, hit-and-run, etc.
– Fully configurable
– Set who can report, wanted level gained, etc.

– Investigations
– Police will respond and investigate areas called in by civilians
– The more serious the crime the faster the response

– Interactions
– Added Talking with any NPC in the world
– Ability to react positively and negatively, RDR2 style
– Different Civilian/Police groups react differently to antagonism
– Added mugging civilians to get extra spending money

– Activities
– Drinking and Smoking are now possible without being stuck in one place
– Drinking/Drugs will cause intoxication, with similar effects to vanilla
– Police and Civilians are aware of you being too intoxicated
– Ability to steal and replace license plates on cars
– Ability to surrender or commit suicide to quick end a chase
– Cigarettes are hazardous to your health

– Redone Carjacking
– Carjacking can be done with any weapon now
– Ability to quickly execute the target when doing an armed carjacking
– Redone Car Lock-Picking
– Most cars are now locked and require picking to enter along with hotwiring to start
– Traditional smash-and-grab is still available however cops are now on the lookout for suspicious vehicles (broken windows, smashed headlights, etc.)

– Ped Swapping
– Become any ped you come across on the street
– Auto generated name, criminal record, vehicle, and weapon

– Vehicle Features
– Button press indicators
– Button press ignition
– Disabled auto vehicle start
– Auto window roll down when doing a drive-by

– Fully Adjustable Settings
– Configure almost any setting with the XML files

– Plus lots more

> Default Controls
F10 – Main Menu
F11 – Debug Menu (disabled)
E – Surrender
G – Drop Weapon and Ammo
Shift & E (In Car) – Right Blinker
Shift & Q (In Car) – Left Blinker
Shift & Space (In Car) – Hazards
Shift & X (In Car) – Toggle Engine
Vehicle Enter (Occupied, Press, w/ Weapon) – Carjack With Weapon
Vehicle Enter (Occupied, Hold) – Regular Carjack
Vehicle Enter (Empty, Press) – Lockpick
Vehicle Enter (Empty, Hold) – Smash Window
(others should have prompts)

> Compatibility
– Incompatible with
– Any Police Script Mod
– Any Wanted Level Changing Mod
– Story Mode (Most Likely)
– Can you make it work with XXX No.
– Do not save and turn off autosave
– Restart the game without the mod active before saving (does some memory editing)

> Discord

> Issues
– This is an alpha, expect crashes/low performance
– Peds and Cops may react unexpectedly, AI programming is hard
– Some settings are not implemented/ do not exist
– Turning off some settings may cause other unexpected issues, mostly tested with everything ON


Greskrendtregk (aka notphoon)
– alexguirre
– alloc8or
– pongo1231
– Eddlm
– FoxUnitOne
– RAGE Plugin Hook Team
– GTAForums

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