(.NET) Riot Mod (2020) v0.1

(.NET) Riot Mod (2020) v0.1

– Peds will spawn around the player and fight each other.
– If you are worried about getting banned just make a backup of dinput8.dll and then delete it. In this way scripthook will not get loaded.
– Clone troopers models from the rezzed pack
– And sorry for the sh-tty screenshots. My PC is crap.

– Tested to be working with latest game version (2060.1)
– Default settings work well with low end systems (tested with i5 3570 – 8gb ddr3 – ssd with sata 3gbs – integrated graphics)
– Wanted levels on or off
– Peds get deleted if the player gets too far away from them to avoid lag and crashes
– 5 customizable factions and civilian rioters
– Modify the ped spawning distance, fighting range, culling distance
– Change the models and weapons for any faction
– Add On models supported
– Determine the peds health, body armor and accuracy
– Faction diplomacy (allies and enemies)
– Change if a faction attacks the player or not
– Blips on peds (also ability to change what their name is)
– Built in bodyguard spawner

Upcoming features
– Add vehicles that participate in the riot
– Fix any bugs that may appear

– Initial release.

– Install Script Hook V and Script Hook V Dot Net
– Put RiotMode.dll and RiotMode.ini in your script folder inside the main GTA folder
– Press F7 in an offline game to start the riot
– Press F7 again to delete all riot peds and turn everything back to normal
– Edit the .ini to your preferences



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