SpeedUnleash [Vehicle speed limit remover] 1.0

SpeedUnleash [Vehicle speed limit remover] 1.0

SpeedUnleash it a ScriptHookVNet script that disables the game engine’s built-in speed limit of 576kp/h or 358mph for all vehicles and allows you to go as fast as you want.

Requires: ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVNet

Installation: Copy both included files into your scripts folder.

Notes: To change the speed limit, adjust the speedLimit= line in the included SpeedUnleash.ini.
The limit is in km/h-metric.
IMPORTANT! Using a trainer to repair your vehicle or make it invincible will prevent this script from working properly.
This does not make you car or plane faster, it only removes the speed limit Rockstar added to the game engine for all vehicles. You’ll need other mods to actually make your vehicles faster.



Mini Purple (for the idea of this mod) and JulioNIB (for creating this mod and allowing me to reupload it here which was very kind)

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