Player Injury Mod

Player Injury Mod

This mod will cause to fall your character once it’s less then 50% HP. You will lie injured untill you regenerate 50% HP.

If you had a wanted level – cops will try to take you alive once you are injured. If you will not surrend after they will stop shooting you to arrest when you hurt – you will get all your wanted stars back.

You need to have a Script Hook V, LUA.asi plugin for Script Hook V.

Put mod in GTAV/scripts/addins folder.

This mod is not really working with any player changing HP mods, because it causes you to fall when you have a 150 HP.

Standart character’s HP is 200, but he dies at 100.
Cops will try to arrest you when you’re 120 HP.



Download mod

File File size
zip RagdollByLow 634 B

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