Realistic Scripts (Pack) 1.9

(with Special Abilities

This is a script Pack which is made to be make the game more realistic

F5, to see the Script info
F7, to check you wanted level

– Character is persistent (The character clothes will forever be the same until you change it)
– Vehicle is persistent (Every Car you drive and leave it somewhere will be stay there forever)
– Special Abilities are disabled (manual, see the versions)
– Realistic Aim (Shoot accuracy)
– Realistic falling down the stairs (Character will hold the stairs to stop the falling down)
– Realistic Body Relaxation
– Realistic Armor
– Npc’s no more killable only by player

1. install Skripthook V and Skripthook Dot Net
2. create a folder in your gta directory and name it “scripts”
3. Place the files into your scripts folder



Download mod

File File size
rar RealisticScriptsPack 76 KB

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