Dev Tool: Search GTA V Game Scripts 1.4

Dev Tool: Search GTA V Game Scripts 1.4

-Output formatted with colors for easier reading
-You can press down if you are focused on the search button to open the search menu.
-Minor GUI improvments + bug fixes

-Bug fix: Searches were creating new tabs even if there was an unused “New” tab. This has been fixed.

-On load, this app parses and loads all natives from the Natives DB website. This app will always reference the latest updates to the database. List of natives used in parameter dump feature.
-Parameter Dump feature now added. This can now be selected in the dropdown menu I added to the search button. There you can select over 4000 natives from the natives database and get a dump of every unique parameter value used and it will be organized in a list with the count of the value. This allows for easiest identification of valid parameters and what to use for unknown parameters. This feature searches for natives by name and hash as not all natives had names when the scripts were decompiled.
-Minor GUI Improvements

Somebody also requested I dump every string value so here it is for whoever wants it…

-Added ability to search for multiple terms in one search using the AND control text “{&}”. For example, to search for lines in the game scripts containing “TASK” & “RUN” … in the search textbox you would type “TASK{&}RUN”
-UI Bug Fixes and some minor improvements.

-Added tabs so you can have multiple searches

v1.0 Release

This tool was made to make researching native functions and how to use them much easier. You will be able to search through all the decompiled GTAV game scripts fast and easy! Search for any natives you don’t know how to use and see how the Rockstar developers used it in the game scripts.

Get the GTA V game scripts here:



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