Spotify Radio [.NET] 1.0.3

 Spotify Radio [.NET] 1.0.3

This will add a new radio to the radio wheel that will control any Spotify playback currently playing.

Requirements(Must have these downloaded and installed first):

Scripthook V
Community Script Hook V
Community HUD.gfx by WildBrick142

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable[IF NOT INSTALLED ALREADY]
The download is located under “Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019
Download the x64 version
Spotify Premium is required for mod to work perfectly…I am working on building an in-game player and if possible should work with free accounts

Recommended(If you get out of memory errors, then this is required)

Packfile Limit Adjuster
Heap Limit Adjuster

How To Use

Make sure to have Spotify open somewhere, it could be the desktop application, the web application, your phone, an alexa, idk, as long as it is Spotify and its running on the device you want to hear it from.
The Spotify web player can be found here:

When you have installed the mod correctly, you will sign in with Spotify, authorize the spotify app, and then all you have to do is get in a car and switch to the newly added Spotify Radio
Press F10 in game for additional control over your music like setting your Radio’s Playlist and changing volume.

How does the sign in work? Well the window will send you to the following website: This will immediately redirect you to an official Spotify login controlled by Spotify themselves. You can view the github repo in backend/functions/index.js for how this is implemented. And then you can look at SpotifyRadio/SpotifyRadio/Form1.cs to see the browser opening the mentioned website link. You can also just press the link to see it happen for yourself. This mod follows the Authorization Code Flow for Spotify’s API which you can read about here:

How To Install (Make sure to have installed the requirements first)

Use OpenIV to edit the file: “mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml”
Add this to the dlclist.xml:
dlcpacks:/spotifyradio (this should be in-between item tags. I think the tags get cut off here, View readme in case you’re confused)
Use OpenIV to place the “hud.gfx” file in “mods\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\cdimages\scaleform_generic.rpf”
Use OpenIV in Edit mode to open
Select “gtav_radio_stations_textures05_512” in the texture editor
Press “Replace” and select “gtav_radio_stations_textures05_512” from this mod’s files
Close and Save
Close OpenIV
In this mod’s files open the folder “Place in GTA Root”
Select all the folders and drag that to the root directory of GTA
Default location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V”

How To Set a Default Radio Playlist

Open your favorite browser and go to
Find the playlist you would like to use, and press it
The url should look something like this
Copy the id that comes after the playlist/
So with the example url, it will be 37i9dQZF1DX0XUsuxWHRQd
Open GTASpotify.ini and next to DefaultPlaylst=, paste it in
So for example, your ini should look like this: DefaultPlaylist=37i9dQZF1DX0XUsuxWHRQd

Known Bugs

Spotify music does not stop when game is paused.
Black screen on main menu. Caused by fullscreen game, working on fix but easy work around.
Press ALT+TAB and find the Spotify Login window, close that
Go back to gta 5, it should not be frozen anymore.
Once in game, change your display settings to windowed.
Reload the mod.
Sign into spotify.
Put the game back into fullscreen.

If you get other bugs, then one thing I recommend doing is to check if your firewall is blocking outbound connections on GTA5, if it is then it is blocking your requests to control Spotify’s playback.



Thank you to WildBrick142 for creating the Community HUD.gfx mod because this would not be possible without WildBrick’s mod and contributions.
Thank you to Dexyfex for CodeWalker and the CoderWalker community. CodeWalker’s discord is an amazing resource and where I was able to learn how to make this mod.
Thank you to Carl Johnson for the Chatterbox FM mod. I did not know addon radios were possible until this mod, I had the spotify up and working but did not an addon radio was possible.
These 3 individuals may not even know it, but reading their posts and their discussions helped greatly and this mod wouldn’t be possible with that them. Shoutout to them!!!
Also big thanks to Spotify for their API and JohnnyCrazy for the C# client

Download mod

File File size
zip GTA Spotify Radio Mod 71 MB

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