Trunk Control V1.2.5

Trunk Control V1.2.5

TrunkControl is a RPH plugin which let’s you open your trunk via one simple button click. I’ve created this mod whilst starting to learn more about C# and thought: Why not publish it?

How to install TrunkControl

Download the .rar and extract it via WinRAR or 7-Zip.
Drag and drop the Plugins folder into your GTA-V main directory.
Drag and drop the RageNativeUI.dll into your GTA-V main directory.

How to load TrunkControl

There are two ways of how you can load the plugin:

Use “LoadPlugin TrunkControl” in the RPH console.
Load the plugin on startup (RPH settings)


A legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V.
RagePluginHook 1.90 or higher (You most likely already have it as it’s a prerequisite for LSPDFR). 


As stated above, TrunkControl let’s you open your current vehicles trunk with one click (default T). The key is fully customisable and also supports controllers. 
Integrated version checker which always tells you if you are on the latest version or if you need to update the plugin. You can still play on an outdated version though I wouldn’t recommend it (Massive thanks to @sEbi3 for open sourcing UnitedCallouts).

How to customise the key

You can simply change the key to open your trunk via the plugins .ini file (Plugins/TrunkControl/TrunkControl.ini). After changing the key (or button), you don’t need to reload the entire plugin to use the new key. Entering the command “ReloadTrunkControlConfig” in the RagePluginHook reloads the config file.



Download mod

File File size
rar TrunkControl v1.2.5.0 100 KB

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