Vehicle Export V2.0

Vehicle Export V1.2

Permit to sell almost any vehicle in the game at the export garage in the docks (south-east of the map).

I made it for myself, because I didn’t find any mod that provide simply this functionality and without any bugs.

How it works
A blip will appear on the garage, just drive any car there, and it will gives you a proposal to sell it. Get out of the vehicle if you accept the deal.

I also added a small function that allows you to see estimation of a vehicle you’re in front of. Push right DPAD button or E to see the estimation.

The price is calculated as this example :
Let’s say a new vehicle cost 5000 dollars.
The base price is 5000/2, so 2500 dollars.
If the body or the engine of the vehicle is damaged, the average amount of those damage are removed from the base price.
50 percent body damages, 20 percent engine damages.
Body damages amount = 2500 by 50 / 100 = 1250 dollars.
Engine damages amount = 2500 by 20 / 100 = 200 dollars.
Average of damages = (1250 plus 200) / 2 = 725 dollars.
Final price = 2500 – 725 = 1750 dollars.
So take care of your car, and drive safely !

Some vehicles can’t enter the garage (big vehicles).
Some vehicle are not on the vehicle list, so there considered as impossible to sell.

I put it here as it for the moment, with may be improvement when I want to do it.
Do not hesitate to propose enhancements.

Needs ScriptHookV
Needs ScriptHookV.NET 3.6.0 (and above when released I suppose)
Copy dll and ini to scripts folder.

Feel free to use vehicle keys that you want to add as supported in the section [VehicleList] with a value representing a new vehicle price.
Example :
The WaldhariSellCars.ini should be like this, when opened :

-list of all known vehicles here-
ZTYPE = (name to find value=)Z-Type
-list of all other unknown vehicles here-

The vehicle should be deleted from [UnknownVehicleList],
and should be added to [VehicleList].
The file should be like this, after modification :

-list of all other known vehicles here-
ZTYPE = 10000000
-list of all unknown vehicles here-



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