Walk Toggle 1.00

Walk Toggle 1.00

Toggle between walking and running (action mode) in first- and third-person views. (This is designed specifically with gamepads in mind, which do not allow walk-toggling by default.)

Quickly tap the “look behind” key (right thumbstick on the controller, C on the keyboard) in order to switch modes. You must tap it extremely fast on the keyboard; if the camera begins to rotate, the toggle will not be triggered.

By default, equipping a weapon switches to running, unequipping switches to walking. This can be disabled in the INI file.

ScriptHookV is required. The ASI loader is included.

Thanks to InfamousSabre for the help in looking for the right natives.


0.01 – Beta release.
0.02 – Code for stealth mode was backwards (and unnecessary). Removed. Added check for stealth mode in toggle reset.
0.03 – Added check to prevent toggle when switching weapons.
1.00 – Converted to C++ ASI (GTALua no longer required).



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File File size
zip Walk Toggle 1.00 22 MB

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