Zolika1351’s Menu REWRITE 8.0

Zolika1351's Menu REWRITE 8.0

Since the old trainer is way outdated now, I decided to completely rewrite it, clean it up and add most of the new features that my IV trainer has.

F7 – Open/Close
Numpad 4&6 – Choose Player (for player teleports in FiveM)
Numpad 8&2 – Scroll (hold to scroll quickly)
Numpad 5 – Select option
Numpad 0 – Go back
F6 – Airbreak
= – Toggle Collision
‘ – Move forward through door

New features:
(only with FiveM and latest game version) Change any game option in real time (e.g. mouse sensitivity, sound volume, shadow quality) without any limits that the settings menu would have. (you can finally disable shadows without restarting game now)
Added all new DLC vehicles, peds, weapons, etc.
Menus won’t show cars and peds in the list that aren’t in the game
Playermodel outfits can now be stored and loaded from an .ini file
You can drive on thin air
Reverse Car Recording playback
Enable/Disable MP DLC Maps



Download mod

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zip ZMenuVRewrite_8.0 539 KB

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