F-35B Lightning II VTOL [Add-On] Custon Weapons

F-35B Lightning II VTOL [Add-On] Custon Weapons

Plug-ins mods GTA V

ScripthookV & ASI Loader
OpenIV e OpenIV.asi
Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles

Version Add-On by Panico Total
Model converted: SkylineGTRFreak
Original mode replace by SkylineGTRFreak:
Link: F-35B Lightning II (VTOL) Replace


1- Panel / Fire Exit: New texture
2- 5 Lyvery in 4096×4096
3- AIM9 / AIM120: New texture
4- New lyvery: VX-23 Salty Dogs

Custon Weapons / Custon Missile

1- Rockets: AIM-9M8 2x Lock On Range
2- Cannon 2x Weapon Range

You need a trainer to spawn the Vehicles

Name airplane / spawn in game:

F-35B Lightning II VTOL / f35b

1- Game crashes on startup, use a custom gameconfig.xml



Download mod

File File size
rar F-35B Lightning II [Add-On] Custon Weapons v1.0 27 MB

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