Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II [AddOn Pack] Custom Weapons \ Missiles 3D 3.0

Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II [AddOn Pack] Custom Weapons \ Missiles 3D 3.0

Plug-ins mods GTA V

ScripthookV & ASI Loader
OpenIV e OpenIV.asi
Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles

Version 3.0 Reviewed

1- New wing tip glass [warning light]
2- Weapon reference panel textures has been revised

3- Now we can open doors for internal weapons [Requires trainer]
– 4 doors: 2 for [Bombs Bay] and 2 for [Rear doors]

4- F-35A HL USAF [New] Beast Mode

– 6 Lyvery in 4096×4096

Glass: Crash / Change color
– Texture HD resolution
– Lights in the fuselage
– Cabin interior 3D
– Panel Work
– Air Brakes
– Wheel
– Gear

The F-35A: Armament:

Guns: cannon is mounted internally
Hardpoints: 4× internal stations
Missiles: AIM-9D / AIM-120D
Bombs: GBU-31 / UGM-10 / AGM-154A

3-Custom Weapons \ Missiles 3D by PANICO TOTAL:

Custom Machine Gun: 2x at the reach + smoke effect
Bombs: GBU-31 / UGM-10 / AGM-154A
Missiles: AIM-9D / AIM-120D

Weapons in Models:

F-35A TEST USAF: Machine Gun \ AIM120D
F-35A WA USAF: Machine Gun \ AIM120D
F-35A OT USAF: Machine Gun \ AIM120D \ GBU 31
F-35A EG USAF: Machine Gun \ AIM120D \ UGM 10
F-35A ED USAF: Machine Gun \ AIM120D \ AGM 154A
F-35A HL USAF: Machine Gun \ AIM-9D \ AIM120D

4- You need a trainer to spawn the

Name airplane \ spawn in game:

F-35A TEST USAF \ f35a
F-35A WA USAF \ f35av0
F-35A OT USAF v1\ f35av1
F-35A EG USAF v2 \ f35av2
F-35A ED USAF v3 \ f35av3
F-35A HL USAF \ f35av4


Add-On method by PANICO TOTAL
Model: FSX

Download mod

File File size
rar Lockheed Martin F-35A [AddOn] v3.0 126 MB

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