Mig-29A Fulcrum [Add-On] V1.2

Mig-29A Fulcrum [Add-On] 1.0

Here is the Mig-29A Fulcrum for GTA V. The Mig-29 is a popular Russian/Soviet built aircraft in use by various countries. This Mig-29 mod comes with all standard GTA V features and 7 different liveries. Liveries include 3 Russian ones, 2 East german and 2 German liveries. You can disable the German skins quite easily if you wish to only have the Russian ones displayed.
As with the latest mods, this aircraft also comes with custom normal and specular maps for a more realistic appearance.
Features a reufeling probe on the left side of the cockpit as optional tuning part.

Original model converted from Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Before you use this, make sure to use the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster by alexguirre to prevent the game from crashing during loading.



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