Su-34 Fullback [Add-On | Custom Weapons] 1.0

Su-34 Fullback [Add-On | Custom Weapons] 1.0

Another aircraft to join the previous Flanker jet mods. Here we have the Su-34 Fullback strike fighter.
This mod features all standard GTA features like ailerons, elevators, rudder, etc.
On top of that, the whole exterior has custom normal and specular maps for enhanced realism. Two people can enter the aircraft, the cockpit is detailed and the gauges light up properly at night.
To round up the package, the aircraft comes with custom gun and 2 custom missile settings.

Before you use this, make sure to use the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster by alexguirre to prevent the game from crashing during loading.


Original model converted from Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

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