1998 Vapid Stanier Minipack [Add-On]

1998 Vapid Stanier Minipack [Add-On]

NOTICE: You will need to install NeoGeo39’s Retro Exempt License Plates for this to work.

Vapid has dominated the emergency vehicle market since the Early 90s. The 1998 Stanier became an icon of the Late 90s and 2000s because of it.

-LSPD 1998 Stanier
-LSSD 1998 Stanier
-DPPD 1998 Stanier
-BCSO 1998 Stanier
-DPD 1998 Stanier


1998 Stanier Model:
Base Model: Rockstar Games and 11john11
Door Trim: Nacho
Mapping: Fenton
Pedals: Vx5 Voltage
3D Vapid Badge: Stryfaar
High Quality Badge Textures: AlexanderLB


MX700: Weeby, Vx5 Voltage, & 11john11
MX700 LSSD: Weeby, Vx5 Voltage, & 11john11 (Edited by ClearlyAdam)
Vista: 11john11 and Serranita
Slicktop Lights: 11john11
Pushbars: 11john11
Spotlight Models: ActuallyToxic
Antennas: 11john11
Console With Laptop: Skitty, 11john11, & Nacho
Console Without Laptop: 11john11
Trunk Equipment: 11john11
Cage: Nacho
LSPD Liveries: Varical
LSPD Stickers: DiPierro & Crizby
DPPD Liveries: DustyFlop (Updated for new mapping by Rootk)
DPD Liveries: Rootk
DPD Emblems: North
BCSO Liveries: 11john11 & AlexanderLB (Updated for new mapping by Rootk)
LSSD Liveries: ClearlyAdam

Download mod

FileFile size
zip 98stanierpack33 MB

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