1999 Lotus Elise Sport 190 [Add-On | Extras | Template | LODs | Vehfuncs] 1.2

1999 Lotus Elise Sport 190 [Add-On | Extras | Template | LODs | Vehfuncs] 1.11

– Includes SP files, CGR, Vehfuncs files for 3d dials and wiper. SP car is fivem compatible, with working vanilla dials too so yeah.
– Fully stock detailed car exterior/interior, extras for cage and fender extinguisher levers
– Hands on steering wheel, Breakable glass, Full vertex AO inside and out, basic GTAV vehicle functions yada yada
– Functioning LODs (0-4)
– Detailed engine bay and interior
– Dirt mapping
– Livery template

Mods that you need to download for full experience:
– IKT’s Manual Transmission, Custom Gear Ratios (configs included)
– RealZolika1351’s VehFuncsV (configs included)

What you will need (Single Player)
– game version: (2372 onwards) LS tuners and later
– proper gameconfig
– heap limit adjuster
– packfile limit adjuster
– place lotelise190 folder in: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
– go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml, open and add dlcpacks:/lotelise190/

As proof that you’ve read the readme, I will not be entertaining any questions in DMs unless you message me the following text: goodlucktimberlake
spawn name: lotelise190

VehFuncsV highly recommended, utilized for wipers, 3D dials, (and to hide the vanilla ones in SP)


conversion – CipherOG
car model – Playground Games (Forza)
handling, gear ratios – Aquaphobic
additional screenshots – KCMIR0, [ID-72] MAX MAYHEM
textures, general suggestions, and literally 90% of my skillset related to 3d models – Wanted188
Tire model – HummingBird
EU plate – OhiOcinu

Download mod

File File size
zip CipherOG 1999 Lotus Elise Sport 190 20 MB

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