’72 Mazda Cosmo Sport Series II (L10B) | RHD | Stanced | Add-On 1.2

'72 Mazda Cosmo Sport Series II (L10B) | RHD | Stanced | Add-On 1.0

Car Features:

HQ Interior & Exterior.
HQ Engine & Enginebay.
RHD Layout from GreenAid.
Has own collisions.
Animated engine and exhaust, (engine with working crankshaft and alternator pulley & radiator fan.)
3 extras: Chin Spoiler, Rear Spoiler and 1 Rollcage.
Breakable windows and windsheilds, headlight and taillight glasses.
Working bullet impact on all around of the car (almost).

Working dial (for better accuracy, use ikt’s “Dial Accuracy Fix” script. –> code for this script: [cosmol10b]
SpeedScale = 1.4666666666
SpeedOffset = 0.0
RPMScale = 1.2
RPMOffset = 0.0

Hands on steering wheel.
All indicators and lights are working.
Other basic functions.

Radiator fan is working in grill, but when you toggle engine off, its sliding to out of the grill slightly for some reason.

If you encounter any other bug, please tell to me. You can contact to me from discord -> AnonimasuRacer, tag:8872, for bug report or any other questions that you have, or need any kind of help. 🙂

Put the “cosmol10b” folder to -> mods/update/x64/dlcpacks.
Paste “dlcpacks:/cosmol10b/” line to dlclist.xml file that which is in -> mods/update/update.rpf/common/data.

Sound: Mazda RX-7 13B Rotary Engine Sound



Base Model and Textures: Turn10 Studios, Forza Horizon 3.
Watanabe Type-R, Brembo disc brake and caliper, suspension, and rear overfender is from Asetto Corsa Modding Platform (ACMP) server.

And thanks to everyone that who helped me while doing this mod:

Wanted188: general help, suggesting many ideas for bug fixing.
CipherOG: thx for every info about the animated pulleys and fans.
GreenAid: RHD layout.
Hycade: helped to fix suspension bugs.
ACMP server for part support.

Download mod

File File size
rar release1_2 46 MB

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