Albany Washington Police Cruiser Pack [Add-On | Sounds] 2.0

Albany Washington Police Cruiser Pack [Add-On | Sounds] 2.0

“During the 80’s, Albany dominated the Police cruiser market, with their Law Enforcement version of the Esperanto. It was so successful, that even the NYSP used it well into the 2000’s, until some maniac bank robbers at Ludendorff destroyed most of them. So Albany tried to regain some slice of the LE vehicle market by introducing a cheaper version of their best-selling Washington Executive car, but it was too late as the Stanier was the new favorite, although it saw limited use on departments with Police Chiefs wanting some nostalgia from their days behind the wheel of the Esperanto”

I present a project that was never done before, a Police Spec Albany Washington, with toned down plastic parts, 4 lighting setups across 3 models, One with Lore Arjent + Mx7000, Lore Vista + Slicktop and an Unmarked to finish it off. Includes all basic things a mod car should have (LODs, breaking glass, etc).
Siren IDs: 235 237 238

11john11- Vista light bar, MX7000, Slicktop Halogens, livery resources, interior parts, various LED models, pushbar, middle brake light, console
Vx5: Original M7000 base
Jacobmaate: Lore Arjent, Mapped Washington, dashcam
RooST4R: Rims on LSPD version
AlexanderBlade: Textures
Glennoconnel: Improvement parts on Trunk
Skitty: Police console, ALPR
weeby: rotator and new vista model, dash LEDs, trunk equipment
bravo-one-charlie: MDC, weird CASP style vista remapping
Voit Turyv: unmarked spawn colors
Crisby: Bumper stickers
Nacho: Cages, computer screen

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FileFile size
rar Police Albany Washington 2.020 MB

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