Dundreary Landroamer [Add-On|Template] 1.0

Dundreary Landroamer [Add-On|Template] 1.0

Enjoying life and living it to the fullest? Too bad, the eat by date has passed an eternity ago and all you got now is midlife crisis, a heavy addiction to meds and a tanky SUV standing between you and wrecking your way to green pastures in the sky. But hey, it still guzzles gas like a supertanker and gets the eco-freaks all tilted. “That” is balance.

Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.

the Landroamer is the less luxury brother of the Landstalker,shorter,with Vapid elements on its design
– Dundreary Landroamer (model name: landroamer).


Initial release.


• Full livery support: 4K template available in the archive.
• Body: shorter body from its original (Landstalker) , bigger lights and reshaped , new original bumpers (both front and rear) , and new Boot.
• Tuning: tuning are currently disabled
• Interior: HQ interior
• Engine: V8 model.
• Sound
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.


Rockstar Games – original vehicle model.
IlayArye – parts converting and vehicle editing, UV mapping and templating.
Tall70 – Dundreary Landstalker 2.0
Eddlm – custom handling.
Monky – custom soundbank.
(Ambient) – screenshots.
!Mycrystals -Description

GhostRiderPT – front and rear bumpers,tuning parts.
Deadman23 – headlights model.
Lt.Caine – Boot model (L1)

AlexanderLB – Landroamer badges.
Nachtfliege – Headlight textures.

Download mod

FileFile size
zip Dundreary Landroamer7 MB

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